Transforming Lives Through Fitness and Health Education

At APF Health and Fitness, we're more than a leading personal training service – we're your allies in a transformative journey that reshapes your body and lifestyle. Our aim is to empower you with the essential fitness knowledge, skills, and confidence, ensuring you achieve and sustain your wellness goals.

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Personal Training
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Our Philosophy:

Empowering Through Education, Prioritizing Injury Prevention, Enhancing Performance

Education is the cornerstone of sustainable fitness at APF. We emphasize understanding the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind each personalized exercise and nutrition regimen, equipping you with lifelong health management skills. Our expert trainers provide more than guidance; they offer a comprehensive education to foster informed health decisions.

Injury prevention is central to our methodology. We craft programs prioritizing safety and effectiveness, ensuring your fitness journey is uninterrupted by injuries. This approach is integral for long-term health and well-being.

Performance enhancement at APF extends beyond athletic pursuits. It's about elevating your everyday life, whether through increased energy, improved work performance, or enjoying an active lifestyle. Our customized training programs cater to enhancing your daily performance, whatever your personal aspirations may be.

A dedicated fitness professional, who has been revolutionizing the fitness coaching realm since 2016. With a robust educational background in Sports and Exercise Science and an impressive array of certifications, Andrew is well-equipped to guide clients through their fitness transformations.

At the heart of Andrew's coaching philosophy is the belief in "Empowering Through Education." He prioritizes injury prevention and performance enhancement, making safety and success the cornerstones of his practice. His specialization lies in assisting beginner and novice gym-goers and athletes, transforming gym intimidation into confidence and skill.

Andrew's career is highlighted by his extraordinary ability to connect with clients, leading to hundreds achieving their health and fitness goals under his guidance. One of his crowning achievements is managing 80 one-on-one personal training sessions per week, a testament to his effectiveness and popularity as a coach.

Driven by a personal passion for fitness and the desire to help others, Andrew's coaching style is heavily influenced by his interests in longevity, functional fitness, and sustainability. His friendly and outgoing approach makes him an ideal coach for beginners who struggle with gym anxiety, lack of knowledge, or need accountability.

Looking towards the future, Andrew's vision is to expand the APF coaching team to amplify his impact in the fitness industry. By mentoring new trainers to uphold the APF standards of quality, he aims to empower more individuals on their health and fitness journeys.

Meet George, a dynamic Exercise Scientist and Personal Trainer whose approach to fitness is as unique as the individuals he coaches. George is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness milestones through personalized, evidence-based strategies that shun the "one-size-fits-all" methodology. His philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyone's fitness journey is distinct and deserves a tailored approach.

George finds immense satisfaction in witnessing the strength and autonomy his clients gain—not just in their physical capabilities, but in their ability to apply what they learn and flourish both in and out of the gym. This deep-seated commitment to client empowerment is what drew George to APF, resonating with their values and innovative systems.

With a rich background in competitive soccer, spanning over 16 years and including stints in academies and National Premier League levels, George brings a wealth of experience and a nuanced understanding of balancing rigorous training with life's other pursuits. His recent accomplishment of a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy has further deepened his expertise in human anatomy, enhancing his ability to optimize body strength, facilitate movement, and stay at the forefront of fitness education.

George is not just a trainer; he's a guide who's committed to making each session with his clients as effective as possible, exploring new techniques to fortify the body and mind. Embark on a fitness journey with George, and discover the potential for transformative growth and achievement.

Dive into a transformative fitness journey with Michelle, a seasoned Exercise Scientist and Personal Trainer whose passion and expertise in the health and fitness realm are truly unparalleled. Michelle is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and support necessary to achieve your fitness aspirations and establish enduring healthy habits that will enrich your life forever.

Witnessing clients evolve, not just in physical strength and agility but in self-assurance and belief in their own potential, is what fuels Michelle's passion. Her commitment to client success is deeply rooted in a philosophy that aligns perfectly with APF's values, making her an integral part of our team.

Michelle's journey in fitness is marked by her own competitive powerlifting experiences, giving her a profound understanding of the challenges in maintaining a balanced yet active lifestyle. Her ongoing pursuit of a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology, coupled with her venture into Olympic weightlifting, showcases her insatiable appetite for learning and conquering new challenges. This love for growth and challenge is mirrored in her professional approach, promising a dynamic and enriching experience for all her clients. Embrace the opportunity to work with Michelle and let her guide you towards unlocking your ultimate fitness potential.

Meet Joshua Jakus, a vibrant and driven Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer whose infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to fitness are poised to ignite a spark in all who cross his path. Joshua's journey into the realm of fitness began with a personal transformation that saw him shed an impressive 25kg within a mere eight months, spurred by a determination to reclaim his health and vitality during a challenging lockdown period.

From a young age, Joshua's fervour for fitness was palpable, fuelled by a passion for sports ranging from soccer to rugby league. This diverse athletic background instilled in him a deep appreciation for the transformative power of physical activity and inspired his decision to pursue a career in the fitness industry immediately after graduating school.

But Joshua's impact extends far beyond the gym floor; he radiates a genuine warmth and familial spirit that effortlessly extends to his clients, creating an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and motivated to thrive. It's this shared sense of camaraderie and community that drew Joshua to APF, where he sees the perfect opportunity to cultivate connections and foster growth within a like-minded family of fitness enthusiasts.

Joshua's journey is a testament to the incredible potential for personal transformation and the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to chase their fitness dreams. Join Joshua on a journey of empowerment, camaraderie, and unwavering dedication to unlocking your true potential. Together, let's make waves in the world of fitness.

Our Team:
Specialists in Personal Fitness Journeys

Our certified trainers are not just professionals; they are your personal fitness advocates. Passionate about health and dedicated to your success, they bring diverse expertise and a commitment to the latest in fitness education, ensuring our methods are innovative and impactful.

Our Clients:
The Inspiration Behind Our Mission

Our clients are the heartbeat of APF Health and Fitness. Inspired by your bravery, commitment, and achievements, we cater to all – from fitness novices to seasoned enthusiasts. We are here to support every phase of your wellness journey.

Our Commitment:
Tailoring Fitness to Your Unique Needs

We pledge a tailored approach, respecting the uniqueness of each individual's fitness journey. Recognizing the diversity of personal goals and needs, we dedicate ourselves to identifying and facilitating the most effective path for you.

At APF Health and Fitness:
Your Partner in Holistic Wellness

At APF Health and Fitness, we distinguish ourselves with a holistic approach that transcends mere physical transformation, enriching the entire spectrum of your life. Our client-centered journey kicks off with an exhaustive health and fitness assessment, including essential metrics, fitness evaluations, movement and posture analysis, coupled with comprehensive questionnaires. This in-depth analysis is crucial for devising personalized fitness plans, specifically tailored to each client’s unique health goals and requirements.

Our team of expert trainers, holding credentials ranging from Certificates in Fitness to Bachelor’s degrees in Sports and Exercise Science, are at the cutting edge of fitness education. They continuously expand their expertise through a broad range of educational avenues, including professional workshops, mentorship programs, and specialized courses. This commitment to ongoing education positions our trainers not only as fitness authorities but also as educators, equipping our clients with the vital knowledge and skills for enduring health and fitness.

In today's digital age, our online fitness coaching program ensures a robust connection between trainers and clients, featuring weekly virtual check-ins, meticulous tracking of workouts and nutrition via our advanced coaching app, and consistent updates through email and the APF Client Portal. This digital framework guarantees that our clients remain consistently motivated, fully engaged, and aligned with their fitness objectives, regardless of location.

Nutrition, a cornerstone of any fitness journey, is meticulously handled by our professional sports nutritionists. Our nutrition plans are seamlessly integrated with individual training regimes, striking a perfect balance between diet and exercise. The convenience of accessing both fitness and nutritional guidance through one unified app simplifies the process for our clients, fostering focus and organization.

Acknowledging the critical role of mental and emotional health in physical fitness, our trainers are adept at addressing the holistic wellness needs of our clients. Regular wellness assessments are incorporated into our programs, enabling trainers to customize sessions to reflect the mental and emotional states of each individual. This compassionate, attentive strategy underscores our pledge to our client’s overall well-being.

The transformative stories of our clients, who have revolutionized not only their physiques but also their lifestyles, stand as a beacon of inspiration within our community. The APF Client Portal nurtures this sense of community, offering a platform for clients to connect, celebrate achievements, and engage in community events and challenges. At APF Health and Fitness, we go beyond physical training; we nurture the mind and spirit. Our commitment is to guide you towards becoming your best self – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our approach is more than reaching fitness milestones; it's about embarking on a transformative journey toward comprehensive health, knowledge, and personal empowerment.

Join the APF Family for a Transformative Fitness Experience

Embark on your transformative journey with APF Health and Fitness. Whether beginning your fitness quest or advancing your current routine, we're here to provide unparalleled guidance, support, and celebration.

Welcome to APF Health and Fitness – the starting point of your life-changing wellness story.


Feeling lost and overwhelmed in your fitness journey?

We provide clarity and direction.

Worried about your health and future well-being?

Our programs are designed for lasting health improvements.

Struggling with gym intimidation?

Our welcoming community and supportive trainers make all the difference.

Unsure how to start after previous setbacks?

We specialize in sustainable, achievable fitness plans.

Concerned about injuries?

Our approach prioritizes safety and injury prevention.


Achieve a physique you feel proud of through tailored workouts for visible results.

Customized training plans for your dream mind and body.

Gain the peace of mind that comes with improved health and reduced risk of chronic illnesses.

Health-focused programs for long-term wellness.

Empower yourself with the knowledge to maintain your fitness independently.
Educational guidance for fitness autonomy.

Experience a noticeable boost in your daily energy levels, sleep quality, and overall mood.

Energizing routines for better sleep and mood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding our APF Health & Fitness services

I'm new to the gym and feel overwhelmed. How does APF support beginners?

At APF, we understand that starting a fitness journey can be daunting, especially if you're new to the gym environment. Our Personal Training programs are designed to support beginners by providing personalized guidance, helping you build confidence, and teaching you the correct techniques. Our trainers are experienced in working with novices and will tailor the sessions to your fitness level, ensuring a supportive and encouraging experience.

Can I really get results with online coaching?

Absolutely! Our Online Accountability program is designed to deliver results, no matter where you are. We combine personalized workout plans with regular check-ins and nutritional guidance to ensure you stay on track. The convenience of online coaching means you can fit workouts into your schedule easily, and our dedicated coaches are always a message away for support and motivation.

How does nutrition coaching work and why is it important?

Our Nutrition Coaching Program pairs you with a sports nutritionist who works with you to develop a customized eating plan that aligns with your fitness goals. Nutrition is a key component of any fitness journey – it fuels your workouts, aids in recovery, and plays a major role in physical transformation. Our approach is educational and empowering, helping you make informed choices that benefit both your physical and mental health.

I have a busy schedule. How can I fit fitness into my life?

We specialize in creating fitness plans that cater to busy lifestyles. Whether it's through our online coaching or personalized training, we can devise time-efficient workout routines that are effective and fit into your schedule. Our goal is to help you integrate fitness into your life seamlessly, without it feeling like a burden.

What if I lose motivation? How do you keep clients motivated?

Staying motivated is a common challenge, and at APF, we tackle this by setting achievable goals, celebrating your progress, and regularly updating your fitness plan to keep things interesting. Our trainers and coaches provide constant support and accountability, which plays a crucial role in keeping our clients motivated and focused on their goals.

How are you different from other fitness programs?

What sets APF apart is our holistic approach to fitness. We don't just focus on physical training; we incorporate mental and emotional support into our programs. Our personalized approach ensures that each client receives a plan tailored to their unique needs and goals, and our commitment to building a supportive community fosters a positive and motivating environment for everyone.

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  • Personalized Fitness Roadmap: Experience a tailored fitness strategy that aligns perfectly with your goals, whether you're looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or enhance overall fitness.

  • Overcome Gym Intimidation: Say goodbye to feelings of gym anxiety and uncertainty.

  • Long-Term Health Investment: Discover how our holistic approach to training and nutrition is not just about immediate results, but a lifelong investment in your health.

  • Boost in Mental Wellbeing: Learn how our training programs go beyond physical fitness, offering stress relief, improved mental health, and a profound sense of achievement that boosts your daily life.

  • Educational Empowerment: Gain valuable insights into effective fitness routines and nutritional habits during your call.

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  • Personalized Fitness Roadmap: Experience a tailored fitness strategy that aligns perfectly with your goals, whether you're looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or enhance overall fitness.

  • Overcome Gym Intimidation: Say goodbye to feelings of gym anxiety and uncertainty.

  • Long-Term Health Investment: Discover how our holistic approach to training and nutrition is not just about immediate results, but a lifelong investment in your health.

  • Boost in Mental Wellbeing: Learn how our training programs go beyond physical fitness, offering stress relief, improved mental health, and a profound sense of achievement that boosts your daily life.

  • Educational Empowerment: Gain valuable insights into effective fitness routines and nutritional habits during your call.

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